Case Studies

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Using PR to Boost Strategic Engagement Between Developers and Decision Makers

A recent PR campaign for a client showcased the power of using PR to boost strategic engagement efforts aimed at influencing decision makers. The story was around the acquisition of a large parcel of industrial land in Vancouver. Given the ongoing dearth of industrial land supply and the rising demand, any story about adding industrial supply is big news. In this case, we were able to secure coverage locally and nationally about the acquisition and its impact on the neighbourhood in the coming years. The success of our campaign in terms of numbers of stories published was one thing. PR efforts are worthwhile on their own. But when combined with strategic engagement efforts, it allowed the company to connect and build relationships with decision makers both in the city and throughout the Lower Mainland. Sharing the media stories with them allowed them a window into the company’s achievements and vision for the future and served to build a bridge between the company and influencers who will help the company succeed in building developments in the region.

While it’s too early to tell if these efforts will have a direct impact on approvals in regards to project development or zoning, it does showcase the power of using PR to build relationships. Similar to using social media to bolster the results of a traditional media campaign by expanding the reach of those who read the stories, this kind of collaboration is the key to making the most of having a PR campaign.

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C.P.R App Campaign

Over three months in 2016, Cori created and launched a media campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC to promote their new app, educating and training people on how to respond to cardiac arrest. The goal of this creative multi-media campaign was to start a conversation about the importance of bystander response in saving lives. The campaign received coverage in 18 different media outlets, including the CBC TV, radio and online, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Province and many local, community papers.


  • 18 news stories
  • More than 12,000 downloads of the app, much more than expected
  • Seen by 2.35 million readers in print
  • Viewed/heard by 968,000 on TV and radio
  • Read by 6 million online




Lightworks and Intraurban Commercial Real Estate Campaigns

Over six months, Cori generated an enormous buzz for two of PCUrban’s new commercial real estate projects: Lightworks and Intraurban at the same time as building the PC Urban corporate brand in real estate, business, mainstream media and digital publications. PR efforts resulted in a total of 29 articles in a wide variety of publications and media outlets, including the Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Vancouver Sun, Business in Vancouver, BC Business magazine and many more. That’s an average of approximately 4 articles per month. In total, coverage reached 6.2 million readers in print, 8.4 million readers online, with stories sent to 161,000 readers through e-newsletters.

As a result, Intraurban was 100% sold before the start of construction, an unprecedented success in the commercial real estate market in Vancouver. Lightworks became known as the city’s most important industrial heritage preservation project, and PC Urban principal, Brent Sawchyn, was positioned as a thought leader on commercial real estate in the city and beyond, through articles in the Vancouver Sun and Huffington Post.



Wesgroup’s Instagram Campaign

Busting the Myth You Need $1 Million to Buy Real Estate in Vancouver

In November, 2015, Cori created and launched the first Instagram campaign ever for a Vancouver developer. The goal of this creative multi-media campaign for Wesgroup was to start a conversation around real estate options in Vancouver, to provide hard data and to share personal stories of individuals, couples and families who purchased homes in Vancouver for well below $1 million dollars to counter some of the misinformation in the media around affordability.


  • 8 Instagram Posts on Vancitybuzz received on average per post: 500 Likes and 100+ Comments
  • More than 45,000 comments, shares and likes on social media
  • Front page coverage in The Province
  • Coverage in Metro News, CKNW, Huffington Post BC among others
  • Read or heard by 2.4 million people in British Columbia

Led to a dramatic increase in registration – 35 at the Brewery District sales centre, 120 at River District


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  • 8 Instagram Posts on Vancitybuzz received on average: 500 Likes and 100+ Comments
  • More than 45,000 comments, shares and likes on social media
  • Front page coverage in The Province
  • Coverage in Metro News, CKNW, Huffington Post BC among others
  • Read or heard by 2.4 million people in British Columbia
  • Led to a dramatic increase in registration – 35 at the Brewery District sales centre, 120 at River District


Patagonia – Vancouver Store Opening

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Cori was approached by Patagonia to build buzz in anticipation of the launch of its first stand-alone store in Vancouver on West 4th in Kitsilano. The first tier of media was to showcase the work of local artist, Luke Wallace, who was commissioned by Patagonia to paint a mural outside the store while it was under construction. Stories about Luke and the company’s engagement with the local community – both artistic and environmental – appeared in a wide variety of local print and digital publications.


The second tier of media was getting dozens of local bloggers to review the latest Patagonia gear. As a result, the store was featured in The Vancouver Sun and Province, and we got the latest Patagonia gear – their traceable down jackets – discussed on several TV networks – CTV and Global – in advance of the Christmas holiday shopping season.


  • PR efforts over about three months resulted in a total of 9 articles and 1 TV segment.
  • Articles appeared in publications including The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Vancouver Magazine and the city’s leading blogs.
  • Resulted in a total of more than 5.4 million readers/impressions/viewers, 2.3 million readers in print. 2.4 million views online. 650,000 TV viewers.
  • Viewed by 306,000 on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Wesgroup Properties – Launch River District and Brewery District

Wesgroup hired Cori to help spread the word about two massive new developments, both riverfront, one in New Westminster and one along the Fraser River. For Brewery District in New West, Cori created a traditional media campaign that focused on both the retail and residential developments. Using video and sponsored content, she created several stories of interest including the importance of transit to investors, Wesgroup’s unique approach to building retail before residential and the most popular – writing a story about why the Sapperton neighborhood in New West is the next Brooklyn.

For River District, Cori organized a unique launch to the neighborhood by hosting media for a Hot Air Balloon Tour to discover the real breadth of the size of the River District development. That event brought out dozens of media, including print, digital, radio and TV. She also worked with BrandLive over the course of the summer to promote a series of creative and innovative events down at River District.

wesgroup rd tour


  • 15 media guests attended the Hot Air Balloon Tour of River District, resulting in 25 stories in print, digital and TV including the Province, BIV, City TV, Fairchild TV, Sing Tao, Ming Pao and World Journal.
  • Those stories were read or viewed by 11.4 million people across Canada
  • Vancouver is Awesome’s sponsored content campaign led to 30 registrations at the Brewery District sales centre
  • An innovative public art story at Brewery District resulted in stories in both local newspapers as well as the Vancouver Sun.
  • Created content for the Wesgroup blog and social accounts


Lax Kw’alaams First Nation

Launch of Aboriginal Title Claim to Lelu Island and Flora Bank

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Cori was approached by the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation to write a release about the Lax Kw’alaams title claim to Lelu Island and Flora Bank and to build awareness about their opposition to PNW’s LNG project in their territory. The release was sent out and individually pitched to national Canadian media as well as to trade publications resulting in more than 20 print and radio stories in publications including Bloomberg, Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, Global TV, CBC Radio and many more.



  • Story was read and viewed by more than 7.5 million people across Canada.
  • Story was also picked up by several energy trade publications, local blogs and websites.
  • Story was shared on Twitter and Facebook 2,400 times.



Hiring a New CEO = Making Headlines

When Modo asked me to work with them to promote their brand new CEO, I was so excited. I’d worked with them as a partner on a real estate media campaign and knew a little about their rapid growth and their potential for more. But on its own, the story of a company hiring a new CEO is not news. What made it news and what landed Nathalie Baudoin on CBC Radio – English and French – as well as in the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Courier, Business in Vancouver and BC Business magazine is my best kept secret – knowing what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, what turns every day events into something that will matter to readers and viewers.

In two months, PR efforts generated stories in more than 5 media organizations, and 2.7 million readers. The goal of the short PR campaign was to build buzz about Modo. Now, after our efforts, the growth of Vancouver’s only local carshare is on the lips of millions of readers.




Onni Launches Canvas in the Southeast False Creek Flats

In March, 2014, Vancouver-based developer, The Onni Group, launched a two-building condo development in a former industrial neighborhood east of Main Street. That part of the city is undergoing a major transformation into a hub for artists and digital media students and professionals. We collaborated with other organizations on site and took the story about the area and what it is about to become to the media.

Within two short months, the story of Canvas and the neighborhood had received coverage in 12 different local online and print publications, including The Globe and Mail, Business in Vancouver and BC Business magazine. In total, the coverage reached 3.1 million readers and stories were shared on social media channels, our own as well as the writers and publications to reach about 190,000 people. Those numbers are very conservative estimates.

Partly as a result of these PR efforts, the Canvas project was 60% sold within a single month, a record for a wood frame building for the happy developer.



Hungerford Properties Launches ICON Business Park in Calgary

In the summer of 2013, Vancouver-based Hungerford Properties purchased Calgary’s largest manufacturing building and one of the largest buildings in the city. The sale of the building hit the news and was reported in The Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Canadian Property Management Magazine, as well as several online real estate publications. All told, media hits resulted in more than 1.5 million readers for the story about Hungerford’s purchase.

Six months later, in February, 2014, they launched the revisioning of the building with news that the company was planning to turn an empty, single-tenant warehouse into a vibrant business centre with many tenants and uses. That story hit the Calgary Herald and Global TV – not once but twice. Other media outlets like CHQR radio, 660 Radio News and Business in Calgary magazine picked the story up as well, hitting 3.5 million viewers and readers.

Dayhu Launches Boundary Bay Industrial Park in Delta

In the fall of 2013, Cori was tasked with building profile for Dayhu in the Canadian real estate and business media, and to draw attention to their Boundary Bay Industrial park within traditional media, trade publications and online. PR efforts over six months resulted in a total of 20 articles and 2 TV segments, significantly exceeding the expected average of 2 media hits per month. Articles appeared in publications including the Globe and Mail, BIV, Western Investor, local Delta media, the Asian media and trade publications. Media hits resulted in a total of more than 4.8 million readers/impressions/viewers, including 3.5 million in print, 525,000 UMVs in digital media and 1.3 million broadcast viewers. The campaign consisted of 3 phases – an initial launch release, a hockey game event at the newly constructed building to showcase the vast size of the development that garnered coverage on Global TV, and continued the following spring with a stream of tenant announcements continuing to build the media momentum over 18 months.

Car for Condo Campaign Targets Millenial Condo Buyers

January/February 2014

Situation: In January 2014, InGastown and Key marketing launched a unique new program called Car for Condo that allowed buyers to trade in their cars for a down payment on a condo. PR efforts for this innovative program resulted in a wide range of media hits in all media – TV, daily newspapers, weeklies, magazines and online — in just one month. Articles appeared in publications including The National Post and the Province, as well as on Global TV and CTV National.

As a result, more than 4.3 million viewers and readers read about the Car for Condo program and the sales centre saw a huge increase in registrants and visitors. As well, the development’s website saw an increase of 1502% within one week alone. An active social media campaign with a special hashtag (#carforcondo) brought in additional thousands of views through Facebook and Twitter,


  • Generated features on the major TV networks, including Kevin Newman Live – CTV National and Global TV.
  •  Generatred features in the city’s leading mainstream media including The National Post, The Vancouver Province, CKNW’s Bill Good Show, and the Georgia Straight.
  • Generated stories in Vancouver’s leading blogs including Curbed Vancouver and VanCity Buzz.
  • Brought in more than 280 new registrants to the development.
  • Increased web traffic by 1500%.