First Nations and LNG: A case study in using social media & traditional PR

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

fnlng image

I recently did some work for Coppermoon Communications, helping them increase their social media following and writing updates for a First Nations Summit on LNG. 

Not only did I write their social media content, largely based on the news emerging around the new LNG industry in BC, but I also created original content for the website, and began a conversation online about this increasingly important, and much misunderstood, topic. The results were extraordinary. I grew their Facebook following from a half dozen to more than 350 in just two months. Similarly, their Twitter following grew from a small handful to 180 over the same period. The social media strategy, combined with posting new and compelling content to the website, led to a successful traditional media campaign as well, with hits in The Globe and Mail, on CKNW, in CBC News Online and in The Huffington Post during the summit in mid-February.