Paid Media – Sponsored Content

For many companies, relying solely on earned media isn’t enough. While traditional PR can be a powerful tool to build your company’s brand and profile, there are a shrinking number of outlets that mean looking to sponsored, or paid content to bolster your company’s media plan is a necessary part of doing business. Also known as advertorial, custom or native content, what these stories do is allow you to tell your company’s story in the way you want to tell it. You control the message and the look and feel of the story.

Again, as with traditional PR, the cost is far less than traditional advertising but it can have a much more powerful reach. For example, a sponsored content post in Vancouver is Awesome for one of my real estate clients recently resulted in 60 registrants – overnight – for a condo development in North Vancouver. This kind of customer engagement is just one key benefit of using sponsored content. Here’s another example of sponsored content that I designed and wrote for Wesgroup. The key with this kind of content is hiring someone who knows how to write something that people will actually read.

Video is fast becoming another way to capture your audience’s attention. Click here¬†and here to see examples of recent video campaigns.

Click on the link below to view the first Instagram campaign ever launched by a Vancouver real estate developer. This campaign was¬†created as a new way to start a conversation around housing affordability in Vancouver, at the same time as building that company’s brand and reputation.

#dontneed1million Instagram Campaign

Services include:

  • Strategic sponsored content plan, including possible publications and engagement metrics
  • Creating compelling, well-written and researched stories using SEO tools to ensure the story gets well read.
  • Strategic social media planning and execution by promoting sponsored content through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc

Please email Cori for more information on fees and services.