We engaged Cori  to develop and execute a strategy to promote our various real estate projects and our company brand, through both mainstream and social media. She has been instrumental in securing media coverage of our projects that is unheard of in our industry. As a result, our brand has begun to proliferate and we are finding all sorts of new business directed our way. Cori has delivered all that she promised – and more. Cori has become a valued member of our PC Urban Team creating opportunities beyond our wildest expectations.”                

- Brent Sawchyn, PC Urban

“Cori produced regular media stories and a high profile Instagram and video campaign for Wesgroup over the course of one year. She helped build buzz around our Red Talks event and helped our executive team develop and publish thought leadership stories in publications like Huffington Post and the Vancouver Sun. She’s got great ideas and knows how to execute and get results on media campaigns. She definitely got people talking about our company and the conversation we started around #dontneed1million in the media and beyond. Highly recommend working with her.”    

- Brad Jones, Wesgroup

In just 6 months, Cori generated 64 stories for Wesgroup’s various projects with stories read and viewed by over 8 million people in print and online. An astonishing number for any PR agency.”              

 -Amy Medard de Chardon, Wesgroup

“Cori has been a huge asset to our corporate PR endeavors. She is smart, creative and well-connected on a local and national level. Her quick thinking and knowledge of the real estate business has been invaluable. Over the past few years, she has delivered on widespread coverage for Onni’s various real estate developments.”                                                     

Alexa Lewis, ONNI GROUP

“We’ve really enjoyed working together with Cori on our latest project.  She is full of great ideas, creative, well connected and realistic.  I am happy to endorse her as an individual and as a professional.”            

- Rob Chetner, Trasolini Chetner

“Cori Howard provided a professional, relationship-driven approach to our PR needs, building and establishing solid connections between our clients and media partners. Cori is a talented creative thinker and effectively utilizes her network connections to deliver. She is always positive and energetic and she provided more exposure for us than we expected.”

 - Thomas Hepburn, VP Business Development, NGX Interactive