Thought Leadership Strategy


Thought leadership is an emergent channel of media strategy for business leaders, corporate executives and CEOs. It’s basically a series of well-written opinion pieces that you have ghostwritten and published in high-profile publications in order to build your company’s brand and reputation.

Thought leaders are innovators who drive the conversation around a particular industry and bring in new business and opportunities by sharing stories. Rather than waiting for media to come to you, you take your message directly to a global audience by publishing on prominent sites like Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Fast Co. and other digital publications.

With 20 years of award-winning writing experience for publications including The New York Times and Washington Post, Cori helps you develop and write compelling, headline stories that get widely read and shared. Here’s what Cori can do for you:

create compelling content that will engage readers and drive them to your brand
connect with the right media to ensure a wide audience reads your story
launch a new conversation in your industry by sharing your ideas with a global audience

Cori is an expert thought leadership strategist who can help you refine your personal and corporate brand and launch successful content campaigns. Her clients are regularly featured in Entrepreneur, Huff Post, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and many others.




Entrepreneur, Jenny Galluzzo, Co-founder of The Second Shift

Written to start a conversation about the benefits of contract work for highly-skilled professional women and how companies like The Second Shift are helping connect those women with flexible employment options.
Shared 1,800 times on social media platforms



Patti-Jo Wiese, Business Strategist

Written to promote a social impact campaign launched by Ross Allan Financial to support Kiva, offering advice to businesses on the reasons why launching a social impact campaign helps the bottom line.
Read by 1.2 million in print and online



Vancouver Sun, Brent Sawchyn, real estate developer

Written to start a discussion about the return of urban manufacturing to Vancouver and the impact on urban planning and design. Viewed by over 1+ million readers online and 15,000 real estate industry insiders.



Huffington Post, Chief Terri Brown

Written to elevate the discussion about murdered and missing indigenous women in BC. Viewed by 1+ million readers online.



Huffington Post, Nathalie Baudoin, Modo CEO

Written to start a discussion about the importance and future of car sharing. Viewed by 1+ million readers online and resulted in 6 media interviews and articles about Modo and elevation of Modo brand in Vancouver.


“As a result of Cori’s work writing columns on my behalf, our brand has begun to proliferate and we are finding all sorts of new business directed our way. Cori has delivered all that she promised – and more. Cori has become a valued member of our PC Urban Team creating opportunities beyond our wildest expectations.”